Information Architecture Institute style guide

Working pro bono, I created an editorial style guide to inform and shape the writing of the IAI’s newly refreshed website.

IAI Style Guide

Client: Information Architecture Institute

Project: Content strategy and copywriting to produce an Editorial Style Guide

Timeline: 1 month

Deliverable Date: September, 2015

Last summer, the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) began its massive website refresh and migration to Drupal. As a purely volunteer-run organization, the IAI put out a call for help on this project. I first volunteered in both the User Experience and Content Strategy workflows, helping with tasks related to those topics.

In September 2015, Abby Covert, the IAI President, and Ren Vasey, leader of the Content Strategy team, reached out to ask whether I would put together an Editorial Style Guide for the site. I agreed; this document is the result. Its purpose was to guide the writing for the entire site (much of which I also did).