8ninths case studies

For 8ninths, an agency specializing in virtual and mixed reality applications for business, I immersed myself in their work on three different VR projects to write these detailed case studies.  

Client: 8ninths

Project: Copywriting for case studies

Timeline: 5 months

Launch Date: March, 2016

URLs: VR Show Reel; The BOX; and Citi

In the middle of the work I was doing for 8ninths to create a Brand Voice & Tone Guide and associated deliverables, they asked me to pause and write a few case studies for the imminent relaunch of their website. I worked directly with founders Adam Sheppard and William Lai; with Creative Director Heather Raikes; and with several other members of the staff, all of whom were absolutely awesome.

Through a series of conversations and technical write-ups, I got a handle on each of the projects and wrote a rough draft. We worked together to iterate to the final versions. Throughout the process I was continually learning about the technology and its capabilities and challenges so I could accurately explain it in layman’s terms. These case studies were the first time 8ninths had written about their virtual and mixed reality work, and will be critical in developing new business in that arena.