PhonakPro website refresh

I created a content strategy, worked on IA, wrote original content, and rewrote or edited existing content for this massive site overhaul.

Phonak About Us

Client: Phonak, via agency Toolhouse

Project: Content strategy, IA, and copywriting for a completely refreshed B2B website: complete overhaul, rewrite, and migration to Adobe WEM

Timeline: 1+ year

Launch Date: August, 2015

URL: www.phonakpro.com

Hearing aid manufacturer Phonak had an outdated website with approximately 55 different versions for different countries (in addition to language, their product offerings, pricing, and promotion varied by country). They asked Toolhouse to completely update the site, integrating the versions as much as possible, and migrate it into Adobe Web Experience Manager. The process took over a year.

Although I did all the writing for the site (excluding the product descriptions and promotion-specific language), content strategy and information architecture were nonetheless the bulk of my work. Organizing such a huge and disparate quantity of content so that it’s easily findable by users of different cultures and languages was a massive task. I believe we pulled it off quite well.


Phonak 2


Content strategy and information architecture were the really big tasks with this project. Much of the client’s content was in PDFs, and the content audit was detailed and difficult. Restructuring and reorganizing the content to make it easy for users to find was the big win. The drop-down “supernav” above illustrates some of our solutions. The complex product filter pages like the one shown below (totally new for this site) were a big help in getting the user directly to the content they need.


Phonak 4


The client wrote all product descriptions (which I edited), but there was still a great deal of writing to do around the site. I worked to keep the language warm and keep the selling, superlative tone to a minimum.


Phonak 6