Windstar Cruises emails

Finding new ways to communicate a few messages is a fun challenge, especially when the topic is exotic travel.

Client: Windstar Cruises via agency Graphiti Associates

Project: Email campaigns

Timeline: 3–4 days each

Date: May – June, 2016

Windstar Cruises sends quite a few emails to their mailing list. Although they have scores of destinations, each campaign centers around just a few. So, communicating the salient points, the individual promotion, and the brand pillars in fresh new ways to the same audience in the same campaign was an interesting challenge. After soaking up the brand materials, I just let my love of travel take over, starting from how I imagined I’d feel on those cruises, and let it flow from there. I’ve included a couple of sample text blocks below.

(P.S. I can’t take responsibility for the way the punctuation has been changed in some of these, with em dashes showing up as hyphens and other silliness.)


Update 7/11/16: Oops—Just learned that I can’t share these with you. Too bad…