Rivkin Center brochure

I crafted copy that underscores the warm, empathetic, and extremely important messaging of the new website.

Client: Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer

Project: Copywriting

Timeline: 6 weeks

Launch Date: April 2016

To match the updated look and feel of their new website, the Rivkin Center team needed to rework their print brochure. This piece is used primarily with donors, but also as an informative aid for anyone interested in learning more about the organization. I worked closely with the designer, my friend Nancy Stumvoll, to retool the language of the site so that the brochures would echo its sentiment but not simply repeat its phrasing.

Side 1

The right panel shows the front cover of the brochure; the center panel is the back; and the left panel greets the reader when they first open the brochure.

Rivkin Center Print Brochure Side 1


Side 2

This view shows what the brochure looks like when it’s fully opened.

Rivkin Center Print Brochure Side 2