Bluetooth rebrand landing page

Working from the branding agency’s new visuals,┬áheadlines, and taglines, I wrote original copy for this landing page announcing Bluetooth SIG’s new brand.

Bluetooth SIG rebrand unthinkably connected hero image

Client: Bluetooth SIG via agency Venture Arts

Project: Copywriting for landing page to launch new branding

Timeline: 10 days

Launch Date: March 16, 2016

URL: meetthenewblue

Bluetooth recently refreshed their brand with new messaging and imagery. To launch the rebrand, they wanted a landing page. Our task was to tell the story of the new brand, clear up a few things about the SIG (who knew it was a nonprofit?), and provide more explanation around the IoT.

The client wanted to maintain consistency with the new headlines and look-and-feel that had been developed by the branding agency, so we kept much of that and wrote new subheadings and copy in the same vein. I helped craft the story of the page and develop the outline, and I wrote the body copy.

Bluetooth Website blue connects us section


Bluetooth Website blue makes the internet of things possible section


Bluetooth Website - connecting people to better lives section