Rivkin Center website

Original and rewritten copy helps the Rivkin’s new website feel warm; informs and educates visitors; and encourages donations.


Rivkin Give Hope


Client: Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer

Project: Copywriting for completely refreshed website

Timeline: 4 months

Launch Date: January, 2016

URL: www.rivkin.org

My dear friend Nancy Stumvoll, the designer and PM on the project, brought me in to write the copy for the overhaul and refresh of the website of the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer. Creative director Joe McDonagh had been working with the team to develop the new headline (“Womens lives. Our passion.”) and tagline, but the rest of the site copy remained to be written or rewritten. I worked with Executive Director Joe White and the rest of the Rivkin team to create an editorial style guide and develop copy that communicates the urgent mission of the Rivkin Center and inspires readers to support their important work. See the whole site.


Rivkin Center Website, Just Diagnosed page


Rivkin Center website, Treatment Options page