Novo Nordisk patient emails

For parents of children with growth hormone disorders, I created an email campaign that offered helpful information in a warm, empathetic voice.

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Client: Novo Nordisk

Project: Content strategy, concept creation, research, and copywriting for segmented campaign of 25+ emails

Timeline: 5 months

Delivery Date: Fall-Winter 2016

Norditropin® is a prescription growth hormone for people with growth hormone disorders; most patients are children. This email campaign, directed at the parents of pediatric patients, sought to promote adherence (making sure patients take the medication as prescribed) and reinforce brand awareness. In both transactional emails (such as a Happy Birthday message) and newsletters that were segmented to families of patients with specific indications, we struck a warm, conversational tone and provided helpful, interesting information and ideas. I did all the research and writing, ensuring that the creative work met rigorous regulatory review board standards.

Through agency Toolhouse. Please note that the examples included here are “unbranded,” meaning they don’t mention the Norditropin® name and therefore don’t require the Important Safety Information to accompany them. Most of the emails were branded.


A few sections of an email offering ideas and advice for how to make the injection routine easier on kids and parents.

Accentuate the Positive


Notification Email

This is part of an email informing families about Growth Awareness Week and Novo Nordisk’s participation in it.

Growth Awareness Email



Transactional Email

This birthday email was customized with patients’ personal information.

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Transactional Email

This reminder email lets families know about the MAGIC Foundation’s annual convention.

MAGIC cropped