Excrement in your mouth

It stands to reason that old brands occasionally need to refresh themselves to keep up with the times and their changing audience. When Mountain Dew shortened its name and became an action—”Do the Dew!”—that was weird, but okay. When Old Spice started marketing itself to the women who buy mens’ products, that was excellent.

But it should go without saying that a brand should never, ever start treating itself like shit.

Triscuit Facebook AdThis ad greeted me on Facebook today. Love the photograph, and I’ll bet orange and arugula would actually taste great on a Triscuit. But, in the name of all that is holy, I never want to think “Triscuit” and “shit” in the same interval, let alone consider “shit” while snacking.

Mondelay, you’ve really screwed up here. ‘Scuit does indeed happen, and this ad is a great example.