“How well do you know it’s a small, small world?”



I had a good time at the Seattle Interactive Conference a few weeks ago: got to meet quite a few new people, learned some interesting things, was reminded what I like and don’t like about conferences.

One of the best moments was my experience at the Bluetooth booth. I’d walked past it a couple of times and noticed they had an interactive quiz titled “How well do you know blue?”

I waited until there was no one else at the booth, then sidled up and said hi. The ladies were very friendly. “I think I know blue pretty well,” I said. “Can I take the quiz?” It was relatively short, with questions like “how many member companies does Bluetooth have.”

“Wow, you aced it,” one of the booth staffers said as I answered the last question.

I grinned. “I have to admit, I’m totally cheating,” I said. “I just worked on your mid-year review website, so I know all this stuff.”

“Wait, whaaaat?” she said incredulously. “You worked on the mid-year review? I wrote that!”

“You wrote it! Well, I re-wrote it,” I laughed, and stuck out my hand. “I’m Heidi, I work with Vic at Venture Arts” (the agency through which I’ve done all my Bluetooth work).

“Oh my gosh, you’re Heidi? I’m Mindy,” she said, and now we both laughed. We’d “met” on the phone two weeks before, in a meeting for another project we were working on together.

It’s a small world, and when you’re all alone at a big conference, that’s a nice thing.