Amazon ads

So meta: these ads for Amazon are advertising advertising.

Client: Amazon Sponsored Products via agency Graphiti Associates

Project: Display ads directed toward Amazon Sellers

Timeline: 2 days

Date: June, 2016

We’ve all bought something through Amazon Sellers: small businesses or individuals selling products via Amazon.com. Sellers have their own logged-in section of Amazon, through which they list their items and manage their accounts. These ads were developed for use on the Sellers’ site and promote pay-per-click advertising (what we Amazon users know as Sponsored Products, the listings that appear at the top of a search page). One set of ads is directed toward sellers who’ve never used PPC ads on Amazon, and the other to sellers who are using PPC in the U.S. but not in Canada.

I wrote several versions of each ad; only one was used, but I don’t know which.

Update 7/11/16: Just learned these are proprietary and I can’t share them!