Representative Work

These projects represent a small percentage of my work. Looking for something in particular? Let me know.


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Skype blog posts

Hundreds of thousands of users around the globe read the Skype blog. Now that's exciting!

Inc. Magazine content marketing

I ghost-wrote this Brandview article for Inc. Magazine on behalf of Modern Postcard.

Novo Nordisk Emails

A sampling of recent emails for various Novo Nordisk brands.

DermTech Assay Concepting

It feels so good to work on a product that can have a significant, positive effect on patient care.

Office 365 & Microsoft 365 Commercial Newsletters

A monthly newsletter sent out to IT admins of Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

Office 365 influencer emails

"By example" is one of the best ways to learn, so we wanted to showcase how a few small business owners use their Office 365 apps.

Office 365 for the Holidays

Campaign featured 3 emails, 9 landing pages, and 1 month turn-around

Salem Five Bank website

Sometimes an old bank needs a new look. Instead of rewriting, I crafted entirely fresh copy for the entire Personal Banking side of Salem Five's website.

Bluetooth blog posts

Ghostwriting for a dozen blog posts featuring new Bluetooth products plus some Bluetooth pioneers.

Farmstead web copy & Facebook ads

Improving conversion from 14% to 77% in under two weeks was just the beginning of this exciting, creative project for a San Mateo startup.

Skype SIFF ad

Quick-turn copy for an important ad placement.

AppZocial website copy

With so many social networks available for free, why should AppZocial’s customers pay for one? I set out to explain.

Bluetooth mid-year review microsite

For the first time, Bluetooth wanted their mid-year review available as a web page with interactive features that allowed users to access the information they found most interesting.

Blue Bike™ product packaging & web copy

To connect a spin-off brand with its parent, I told the story of its inception.

CommonWealth Kitchen print flyer

This print flyer was developed for a donor brunch, but needed to be evergreen enough to be useful throughout the year.

Windstar Cruises emails

Finding new ways to communicate a few messages is a fun challenge, especially when the topic is exotic travel.

Amazon Sponsored Products ads

So meta: these ads for Amazon are advertising advertising.

Rivkin Center brochure

I crafted copy that underscores the warm, empathetic, and extremely important messaging of the new website.

Caron Treatment Centers website

I wrote original copy and rewrote existing content to consolidate four older sites into one.

8ninths case studies

For 8ninths, an agency specializing in virtual and mixed reality applications for business, I immersed myself in their work on three different VR projects to write these detailed case studies.

8ninths brand voice & tone

I conducted a brand voice workshop and then developed an in-depth brand voice and tone document, editorial style guidelines, and a writing examples and best practices document for this small but nimble VR/MR agency.

Bluetooth rebrand landing page

Working from the branding agency’s new visuals, headlines, and taglines, I wrote original copy for this landing page announcing Bluetooth SIG’s new brand.

Rivkin Center website

Original and rewritten copy helps the Rivkin’s new website feel warm; informs and educates visitors; and encourages donations.

Information Architecture Institute website

With the Information Architecture Institute’s website refresh came a streamlined look, feel, and voice. Working pro bono, I created an editorial style guide emphasizing clarity and brevity, then wrote original copy and rewrote existing copy to bring the whole site up to date.

Novo Nordisk patient emails

For parents of children with growth hormone disorders, I created an email campaign that offered helpful information in a warm, empathetic voice.

Information Architecture Institute style guide

Working pro bono, I created an editorial style guide to inform and shape the writing of the IAI’s newly refreshed website.

Russell Investments video script

I learned a great deal about investment benchmarking to write the script for this video.

Bluetooth Developer Studio landing page

I storyboarded and wrote a video explaining the product, and wrote two versions of a landing page detailing features and benefits (for the beta launch and the official release).

Rethink Obesity website

To launch this new website based on existing, approved materials, we broke down and reorganized the content to be SEO-friendly and fit within the client’s existing Adobe Web Experience Manager platform and templates.

Measure Height email campaign

These six emails were designed to inform and drive traffic to the new website.

Measure Height website & video

I researched and wrote this original website and video directed toward healthcare professionals.

Norditropin website

Empathy was the name of the game with this project.

PhonakPro website refresh

I created a content strategy, worked on IA, wrote original content, and rewrote or edited existing content for this massive site overhaul.

Bring Sound to Life website

Original copywriting and content strategy for a new website aimed at teens with hearing loss.

Hearing Like Me Long-Form Articles

Long-form article copywriting, content marketing style.

Intuit "How to Hide from Clients" microsite

Everyone’s always telling people what they should do to get more customers, so instead we told the story of how to hide from their potential clients—illustrating just how silly that would be.

QuickBooks + Square Integration Video

Show pain point. Demonstrate solution. In 1:15.

Quicken Mobile App intro video

This fun video shows product benefits in a unique way—a far cry from a standard product intro video.

QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Direct Mail Piece

I used a flow chart with hyperbole and humor to tell the story of how easy the product makes the customer’s life.