Erin Bakers™ packaging & web copy

Copywriting for new product packaging and supporting microsite.


Client: Blue Bike™ Sprouted Snacks, a division of Erin Baker’s™

Project: Copywriting

Timeline: a few weeks

Date: 2016



Erin Baker’s™ is a Bellingham-based bakery that started out making breakfast cookies and has expanded into other products, such as granola, all with a simple, whole-food makeup. For their new product, a sprouted seed snack mix, they wanted to promote a new brand, called Blue Bike™. It needed to maintain ties to the Erin Baker brand, but stand on its own.

In September of 2015, the marketing team at Erin Baker’s asked me to write package copy that succinctly tied the two brands together and explained the name and history of the new brand. Several months after this project, the marketing team called me back to write website copy that expanded this story and also gave some quick background on the ingredients and techniques that make the product unique. We needed to keep the web copy brief, too, but provide as much information as possible in an easily-digestible format (so sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help it).

Now, in October of 2016, the product is finally available in stores (thank goodness, because it’s so good that I crave it) and I can show the work.

Product Packaging




Web copy