Freelance copywriting services


How to Hide Screenshot 2Copywriting for websites and landing pages

I write SEO-friendly copy, mindful of its purpose and in a consistent brand voice. Some of my favorite projects include:

My web copywriting experience includes UI copy for complex user workflows, such as for the hearing aid purchase process for PhonakPro (the process is behind login, though). With user experience a top priority, I write clear, actionable, friendly copy for workflows, error state messaging, and other short-form web copy.


Copywriting for emails and email campaignsAccentuate the Positive Novo Nordisk Email Sample

Email copy is different for transactional, notification, and marketing emails. I’m a strong proponent of A/B testing email subject lines, preheader content, and timing/cadence. Some recent campaigns I’ve worked on include:



BT Video ScreenshotCopywriting for video scripts and storyboards

I like to work directly with a motion designer to time the script to the visuals. I’ve directed voiceover talent, too. A few of my favorites:


CPiH Post ScreenshotCopywriting for social media

I’ve managed Facebook communities, developed short-term Twitter campaigns, and live-posted from conferences and events. One Facebook community I managed saw more than a 300% growth in page likes and engagement. Recent work:


8ninths VR Show Reel ScreenshotCopywriting for case studies

Through conversations with stakeholders and in-depth review of processes, I immerse myself in projects to describe the business case for the work and the organization’s learning experiences. Recent work includes:


Advanced Inventory Mailer ScreenshotCopywriting for print materials

I’ve written copy for print collateral from packaging to brochures, menus to mailers. A few of my favorite projects:


Copywriting for apps

I’m experienced writing in-app copy and developing flow and logic, but can’t show you examples—the apps I’ve worked on are proprietary.


“Heidi was a pleasure to work with on this project. She took what was a confusing pile of messaging and led us through a process that got us to clarity and set us up for future success as our content grows. Our members and volunteers have had many complimentary things to say about the redesigned site, especially the copy! I would recommend Heidi or work with her again anytime.”—Abby Covert, President, Information Architecture Institute


How I approach copywriting

Crafting original copy

Starting a project or business from scratch takes a great deal of effort and creativity. I know: in 2001 I launched a small business and successfully ran it for eight years. In that time, I wrote thousands of pages of content for print and the web. Since then, I’ve helped both startups and huge companies launch new brands with original copy.

Pencil Up Close smallTo write original copy for you, I’ll need:

  • A very rough draft or outline of what you want to say. We can develop this together, or you can write it, or I can write it based on our conversations, but I can’t start until this piece is approved by any decision-makers on your team.
  • Any and all assets. This could be source materials, research, interviews, the content strategy deck, personas, user journeys, screen shots of the user flow, or a zillion other things depending on your project.
  • Your brand voice and tone guidelines, editorial style guide, and any other documentation that describes who you’re talking to, how you want to sound, and what you want the audience to take away. (If you don’t have those, see how I can help you with that.)
  • Access to someone who can provide feedback and answer questions, whether that’s you or someone else.


Editing or rewriting existing copy

We all have that friend who covertly red-inks restaurant menus and whom we tag in every funny Grammarly post on Facebook. For my friends, that’s me. I studied English, then trained and worked as a copyeditor at the University of Idaho Press and later as a freelance editor and proofreader. Word Girl is my hero.

There are several reasons you might want to edit or rewrite existing copy, but they boil down to updating either the information or the way it’s presented. Here’s what I’ll need:

  • To update information, I draw from source materials as much as possible. You can provide these, or I can do original research, from library time to interviewing.
  • Updating info can also mean condensing it. Prioritization and buy-in from stakeholders is key to not wasting money here: you need to have agreement from your team as to what information can be cut or shortened.
  • To refresh the way information is presented, I’ll need to start from your brand voice and tone guidelines (see above).

The importance of content strategy

Often, when you’re rewriting copy, it’s because you’re refreshing a website (or print document). It’s important to bring in a content strategist for this process, in part to ensure that content isn’t being replicated across the site. Not only is that confusing for the user, but it’s also more expensive. Check out my content strategy services.


Let’s write some copy

Call or email me to discuss your project and how I can help out with clear, compelling copy.