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Heidi on Boat

From age seven, when I began penning stories and fell in love with the magic of carbon paper, I knew I would be a writer. After getting my Bachelor’s in English, I spent my 20s editing books (University of Idaho Press and freelance).

But then a funny thing happened: I “accidentally” co-founded a cooking school and ran it for eight years. While my partner taught the classes, I wrote all the curriculum content and did all the marketing, including our website and email campaigns, PR, and advertising.

In 2012, I converted this experience to a copywriting role at a digital agency, where I worked on websites, emails, videos, apps, social media, and some print. Early in 2016, I hung out my own shingle so I can work from home, where I’m constantly inspired by deer traipsing through the yard, hummingbirds flitting in front of my window, and my boisterous and loving family.

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“Heidi has a knack for taking very complex issues and distilling them into content that is fresh, engaging, and accessible to everyone.”—Nancy Stumvoll, Senior User Experience Designer


My work process

I don’t like to complete a whole project and turn it in, only to find out that you and I weren’t exactly on the same page. Instead, I prefer to do frequent check-ins to make sure I’m proceeding in the right direction. Some things you might want to know about me:


How I work

  • IMG_5813I’m not afraid to ask “stupid” questions if it means I’ll do a better job for you. I’ll embarrass myself, just watch.
  • I have thick skin and take feedback very well. I’d much rather you gave a candid opinion or constructive criticism early on. Dish it out, I can take it.
  • I’m fast. I don’t waste time, and I won’t waste your money. For hourly work, I bill conservatively; I don’t charge you when I’m thinking about the work in the shower. (Although, if it starts causing me nightmares, that’s a different story! Kidding. I hope.)
  • The schedule we set isn’t based only on how long it’s going to take me to do the work; it also incorporates how many other projects I’ve got going on at the same time.
  • I’m perfectly happy to take on projects large or small.


Fun facts about my creative process

  • My idea-generating tools include mind-mapping, rhyming, playing with alliteration, Googling, and drawing.
  • When I get stuck, I start from the end instead of the beginning, or I write in a goofy, inappropriate voice, or I go for a walk. If none of these tactics work, I’m likely to turn back to you for more clarification or direction.


How I improve my work

Bird NestA few of the things I do to improve the copy I’m writing include:

  • Read it aloud. I almost always find things I can fix this way.
  • Check it against the list. Passive voice or meaningless descriptors are sneaky, and can sometimes slip in when I’m not looking. I have a list of these pesky problems so I can make sure they’re nonexistent.
  • Cut it. Short copy is the most powerful. Imposing a character or word count on something I’ve written always helps me get it tighter and better.
  • Sleep on it. I try to never send a deliverable just after I’ve completed it. Coming back to it fresh the next day and seeing it in new light helps me find ways to improve it.
  • Ask for feedback. I want to do an excellent job, but only you really know what that is. So I’ll be checking in often.


Copywriting and content strategy rates

I haven’t included my rates here, because they vary too much. Many things affect what a copywriting project is worth, including (but not limited to):

  • Sunset over a bonfire at my house, March 2016How much writing/rewriting is involved? (Rewriting is often more time-consuming, actually.)
  • How intensive and time-consuming is the project likely to be?
  • How many revisions or rewrites are we talking?
  • How easy or difficult is it going to be to track down and get the assets I’ll need, or access to the stakeholders, etc.?
  • How many meetings that should’ve been emails are we going to have?
  • How easy or difficult are you to work with?
  • How busy am I with other projects?
  • How fun is the project?

I do some projects on an hourly basis; others on a per-project basis, and I’m even open to the right pro bono project. It all starts with a conversation.


Call me. Hire me

I’d love to chat about your project. I’ll happily consult with you on the phone for free. Let’s chat.


P.S. About the photographs

I took all the photos on this site (obviously excluding photos in the work I’ve done).