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Losing work is NOT a thing of the past

Remembering WordPerfect makes me feel old, but never having to ever use WordPerfect again makes me feel youthful and free. In the "olden days," typing merrily along (with my copy propped against a steel TypePal copy holder), I might accidentally hit the insert key instead of the delete key. There I'd…

I wrote a book.

Fun fact about me: I ran a cooking school for eight years. Ever since we closed in 2009, I’ve been trying to write about the experience. I’m a writer, right? I should be able to write about something I personally did. It’s not like I have to invent characters or…

Welcome to the Changemaker Series

“The AIGA Seattle Changemaker Series unites teams of creative professionals with nonprofits and social change organizations to use design thinking, sustainable frameworks and creative tools to help advance their mission.” And I’ve been accepted to participate! This year’s cause is supporting immigrants and refugees, an issue that’s increasingly important in…

Writing on wheels

Last year, I returned to skiing for the first time since 2000. Last month, I left the sport again, quite suddenly, with a failure to properly stop (on a run called “Easy Money,” of all things, at Mt. Baker) that resulted in a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and strained medial…

“How well do you know it’s a small, small world?”

  I had a good time at the Seattle Interactive Conference a few weeks ago: got to meet quite a few new people, learned some interesting things, was reminded what I like and don’t like about conferences. One of the best moments was my experience at the Bluetooth booth. (more…)

8ninths case studies

For 8ninths, an agency specializing in virtual and mixed reality applications for business, I immersed myself in their work on three different VR projects to write these detailed case studies.   (more…)

Bluetooth rebrand landing page

Working from the branding agency's new visuals, headlines, and taglines, I wrote original copy for this landing page announcing Bluetooth SIG's new brand. (more…)

8ninths brand voice & tone

I conducted a brand voice workshop and then developed an in-depth brand voice and tone document, editorial style guidelines, and a writing examples and best practices document for this small but nimble VR/MR agency. (more…)

Rivkin Center website

Original and rewritten copy helps the Rivkin's new website feel warm; informs and educates visitors; and encourages donations. (more…)