I use words to design elegant user experiences, based in research, that drive business goals. I thrive in a collaborative environment working directly with design, research, and engineering.

Projects & praise

This selected handful of projects and related recommendations should give you an idea of the kind of work I’ve done and the kind of teammate I am. All quotes are from my LinkedIn recommendations.

“Legal Coach” Microsoft Word add-in


Content design + all related communications for a pilot project with Wolters Kluwer: a Word add-in that surfaces information from Wolters Kluwer’s legal software within a lawyer’s Word document. I also wrote the Microsoft AI for Business blog post about the project. Product screens and additional details are Microsoft Confidential.

“[Heidi] can engage productively at any stage of a project…she is highly collaborative and fun to work with.”

—David Jones, project PM

“Converge” Teams app


Content design + all related communications for a pilot project with REI: a Teams app to help their employees maximize their in-person time in our new hybrid work world.

Watch the video on Microsoft’s YouTube channel.

“I love the way Heidi and I work together so quickly, we have a really good back-and-forth rapport whether working on UX flow or marketing materials such as website or newsletter. She always brings good ideas and constructive comments. She’s always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.”

—Jin Young Kim, UX Designer, Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook add-in


Content design + all related communications for a pilot project for “Customer Zero” (Microsoft itself): an Outlook add-in that allows meeting organizers to include food with meetings by letting attendees choose from a variety of delivery services or restaurants. The app is currently part of the Elite program (internal testing) at Microsoft. Product screens and additional details are currently Microsoft Confidential.

“Heidi is highly creative, a strategic thinker, a problem solver and a team player—not to mention a skilled writer.”

—Wende Copfer, Director of Design, Microsoft Modern Work Customer Co-Innovation team

“Bali” web app


Content strategy, UX and UI writing for a web app aiming to be a personal databank that would allow users to manage their entire digital footprint in one place.

“Fantastic attention to detail, adaptable, and just a great person to work with in general. Highly recommended.”

—Chris Dollar, Senior UX Designer, Microsoft

“Seclūd” microsite & video


Website copy, video, and animation for the product launch of Seclūd, a former Microsoft Research project, now a fully-fledged product.

“The products coming out of [our group] are often very technically complex and Heidi really takes the time to understand the problem at hand and make this complexity understandable to the end-user.”

—Brian Levy, Senior UI Designer, Microsoft Research

Office 365 newsletters


For two and a half years, I wrote emails for Office 365, including the Consumer (B2C) and Commercial (B2B) monthly newsletters, which reached a combined audience of >9.7 million users.

“As part of our Relationship Marketing team within the Microsoft 365 marketing group, she excelled at bringing clarity to projects, offering solutions, and delivering engaging email and newsletter copy.”

—Chris Dugovich, Creative Writer, Microsoft

“Heidi is an outstanding writer who approaches each project with a user-centric lens.”

—Megan Hawley, Program Manager, Microsoft

Skype blog posts


I wrote a number of blog posts for Skype that helped explain new features.

“At Microsoft, Heidi contributed to maintaining quality and consistency in all assignments, which reflected in the overall strength of the brand voice on some of our most important channels.”

—Andres Pacheco, Art Director, Microsoft 365 Brand Studio

“TrendWatch” web app


This QuickBooks widget provided industry sales data and could be embedded on the customer’s website. I collaborated with design and engineering to create a simple but powerful interface with intuitive toggles to display the data clearly.

Website redesign


I wrote all original content for the website refresh for this European hearing aid manufacturer. However, the bulk of my work was the content strategy and information architecture that went into converting 55 different localized sites and scores of product PDFs into one cohesive, useful, usable property.

Patient & HCP emails


I’ve written dozens of patient and healthcare professional -facing emails for various pharmaceutical brands.

“I can honestly say I’ve never worked as well with a copywriter and creative thinker. I always felt safe to throw out any idea, no matter how crazy, knowing she would make it better or at least get a good laugh.”

—Greg deVeer, Owner/Designer, Hubbub Agency (designer on these projects)

Campaign concepts


Campaign concepts for a groundbreaking new test for melanoma.

“Heidi pushes creative with strategy always in mind. She would be an invaluable asset to any team or project.”

—Kory Koske, Creative Director, EVERSANA (CD/designer on this project)

Landing page A/B tests


In two weeks of rapid iteration and user testing, I increased home page conversions from 14% to 77%.

Website refresh & print brochure


A complete website rewrite for this venerable Seattle research institute that has touched so many lives.

“Heidi is one of the most inquisitive copywriters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a built in sense of curiosity and will go the extra mile to make sure she understands a topic before writing for it.”

—Nancy Stumvoll, Senior UX Designer (designer on this project)

Landing page, video & blog posts


Landing page and video for Bluetooth Developer Studio SDK; ten posts for the Bluetooth blog.

Watch the video

“Heidi will look for ways to make your projects even better. She’ll offer thoughtful suggestions or provide options on ways to hone or elevate the work that really goes above and beyond.”

—Deric Jones, Senior Designer, GenUI (designer on this project)

“Bring Sound to Life” microsite


I collaborated on content strategy (including conceiving the name) and did all the writing for this microsite devoted to teens with hearing loss, from hearing aid manufacturer Phonak.

Quicken mobile app video


I concepted, storyboarded, and wrote this video introducing the Quicken mobile app and explaining how it works.

Watch the video

“How to Hide from Clients” microsite


Possibly the most fun project I’ve ever done, this microsite backwardly promoting QuickBooks Online includes not only silly pages for each of the 50 states but also Intuit’s first-ever Vine videos. I conceived and wrote the site; concepted, wrote, and shot the videos.

Visit the site (you’ll get a smile, guaranteed).

Intuit "How to Hide from Clients" microsite home page top

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